Yes, we had all this free time to post random Debian pics and write lol-captions on them, but we never managed to find time to introduce ourselves, until now, and by popular demmand: loldebian is brought to you by Jacobo and Amaya, in the same spirit as lolgeeks, I can has a Cheezburger and lolcats. No kittens were hurt in the making, and only healthy fun is intended.

Do send your contributions our way, and help us make Debian fun again!

(For the gimp-impaired, there’s an online tool that might be helpful: LolCat Buildr)

Now, if you have complaints about flamefests in Debian mailing lists, make sure you check “passive-aggressive notes from roommates, neighbors, coworkers and strangers” and take a minute to realize RL is not that much better at resolving conflict.

Happy loling!